Fresh Jersey Eggs (Open Thursday Only)

Fresh Jersey Eggs (Open Thursday Only) from mgo on Vimeo.

Jeremiah is back to mining the movies for the way New York used to be, and this time he’s watching Moscow on the Hudson, in which Robin Williams lives above the Thursday Egg Store (across from Wolinnin’s).

“People used to line up,” said Olga Worobel, who bought the vintage storefront at 72 East Seventh Street several years ago. For more than 30 years the store had been owned by the family that owns Shady Hollow Farm in Whitehouse, N.J., whose product was both the store’s namesake and its star attraction. The store would open on Thursday morning when the egg truck arrived with 500 dozen or so and close when the last gray cardboard flat was sold, about three hours later.

“The whole neighborhood came and stood in line and talked,” said Ms. Worobel, who is 30 years old and attended St. George High School on Sixth Street back when it was still mostly Ukrainian. “Waiting for eggs was like church: it brought people together.”

Digging around, I found the amazing video above over on Gothamist.